Cut off my deformity. Do away with what ever it is you can’t stand about me. What ever it is that makes it so difficult for you to look at me. Don’t think about the Me that is inside this body. The Me that knows how you look at me. The Me that tries to ignore it. The Me that is looking at you in the exact same way. Please don’t think that I might feel the exact same way about my body as you do. Cut me, hurt me, make me bleed, and then forget about me. Make me how you want so you can ignore me. I’m sorry I pulled you out of your electronically fed stupor. Please forgive me for being myself. And I promise I won’t tell anyone the truth about you. About what I really see when you look at me. The truth that a quiet, caged, small part of you wishes you were me, just like I wish I could be you. I’ll keep your secret just as you keep mine. Promise.

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